who owns marathon gas stations

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Ohio Oil Company

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  • Who owns Marathon gas?

  • From 1982 to 2001, Marathon was owned by and became part of U.S. Steel. In 2002, the Marathon Oil Corporation became an independent publicly traded company. As of 2009 almost 5,100 gas stations sold Marathon gas under the Marathon name.

  • Is Speedway a Marathon gas station?

  • Speedway, a wholly owned subsidiary of Marathon Oil Corporation, operates approximately 1,350 convenience stores. The stores are owned and operated by the corporation, selling Marathon gas under the Speedway name. They are Marathon gas stations in the sense the corporation owns them.

  • What company owns Speedway gas stations?

  • Speedway gas station owner Marathon Petroleum has agreed to sell the chain to 7-Eleven鈥檚 parent company. Seven i Holdings, the Japanese retail group that owns the popular convenience store, will pay $21 billion for Speedway.

  • Is Marathon Oil Company still in business?

  • The Ohio Oil Company officially changed its corporate name to Marathon Oil Company in conjunction with the company鈥檚 75th anniversary. The Pheidippides trademark ended its 31-year run. The Plymouth Oil Company was acquired, along with the Texas City refinery, which launched the company into the wholesale gasoline business.