when is the london marathon

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  • When will the London Marathon take place in October?

  • Organisers have confirmed that the London Marathon will take place on October 3, with the mass start of the race set for 10.10am. Meanwhile, those completing the virtual London Marathon will complete the 26.2 miles using a special tracking app. Where will the London Marathon take place?

  • How do I enter the London Marathon and what are the chances?

  • How do I enter the London Marathon? The majority of runners apply for the London Marathon by entering the ballot, with a 4% chance of getting in. If you don’t get in through the ballot, you can run for a charity, for which there are about 15,000 places.

  • What is it like to run the Boston Marathon?

  • One of the six marathon majors, the most over subscribed and popular event on the planet, incredible crowds, unique atmosphere, an opportunity to run this event is an opportunity not to be missed. Simply AMAZING!!! The organisation was spot on, bag drop was a breeze, lots of toilets, the waves were easy to navigate. Potentially the best day. Ever!