what was the significance of the battle of marathon

what was the significance of the battle of marathon插图

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The Battle of Marathon was significant becauseit proved to the Greeks that the Persians were not 鈥榠nvincible鈥?/strong>, which boosted the moral of the Greek troops, increasing their confidence to incline themselves in a common cause if the Persian attacked again (which they would). What historical event impacted the Battle of Marathon?

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  • Why was the Battle of Marathon so important to ancient Greece?

  • It was freedom, philosophers argued, that had at Marathon been defended by the Athenians. Because their victory had inspired other Greeks to resist Xerxes, Marathon had been an important battle: in Marathon, the foundations of western civilization had been laid.

  • What were the best troops in the Battle of Marathon?

  • What is certain is that finally, on 12 September 490 BC, the battle of Marathon began. An idea of some of the troop types that Darius and Artaphernes might have had under their command. The Immortals were the best of the Persian infantry.

  • Why is the marathon so important?

  • Few battles fought 2,500 years ago are important enough to be commemorated by an Olympic event (and a chocolate bar), Marathon had assumed a foremost place of importance in the history of the west.

  • What was the stalemate in the Battle of Marathon?

  • Meanwhile, an uneasy stalemate prevailed in the bay of Marathon for five days, with neither side wanting to begin the battle. It was in the Athenian鈥檚 interest to wait for Spartan help, while the Persians were wary of attacking the fortified Athenian camp and of risking battle too soon against a relatively unknown quantity.