what to eat the night before a half marathon

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Plant-based meals to consume the night before the race. Based on those macro recommendations, choose a dinner that is well-balanced with carbs, protein, and fat. Most plant-based meals are a good place to start, but here are some specific suggestions: Rice bowl with sweet potato, sauted spinach, and tofu.

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  • What should I eat the day of a half marathon?

  • What you choose to eat the day of the race, however, is just as important as what you eat the week before. In the two to four hours before the race, eat protein and simple carbs and drink water or sports beverages. Avoid high fiber, fatty and new foods, which can cause digestion problems.

  • What should I do the night before my big race?

  • So in no particular order, here are 29 things you should do the night before your big race. 1. Drink up. Stay hydrated, especially for longer distance races like the marathon or half marathon. 2. Eat normally. This can difficult if you鈥檙e on the road, but try to eat as close to your normal diet as possible. 3. Go to bed at your regular time.

  • What foods should you not eat the night before a marathon?

  • You may find that some high fiber foods don鈥檛 work for you the night before a marathon. Common culprits include cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts, and or plant-based proteins, like beans, lentils, or chickpeas.

  • What’s the best way to prepare for a marathon?

  • The right timing of your evening meal. You might want to eat a little earlier than normal to allow ample time for digestion. That’s especially true if your race starts early and you think those pre-race nerves may interfere with your sleep, Griffin says.