what to eat the day before a marathon

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Follow the 鈥渄ay before鈥?plan of a marathon runner, though you probably won鈥檛 need as many calories. Focus on healthy carbohydrates(potatoes, whole grains such as whole grain bread, pasta, rice, quinoa, fruits and vegetables) and lean proteins. Limit the amount of fats you eat.

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  • What should I eat the day before a half marathon?

  • One week before the race: Reduce carbs by a little less than one-third again. Two days before the race: Reduce protein by about one-half, and replace that portion with carbs. Avoid high-fiber veggies and carbs. The night before the race: Skip protein at dinner entirely. The morning of the race: Eat!

  • How early should you get up before a marathon?

  • You should be up early enough before the race to eat a small breakfast with plenty of time to start digestion before the gun goes off. If you need 3 hours to eat a small meal before running, then you need to get up at least three hours before the race to get in a light breakfast.

  • When to eat your pre-race meal?

  • You should therefore never even consider doing a period of fasting before a race as it would be physiologically detrimental to your performance. When to eat your pre-race meal? Most marathons are scheduled for the morning and some can start extremely early depending on the race. Therefore your dinner the night before will become your pre-race meal.

  • How many energy gels should I eat before a marathon?

  • If you鈥檙e able to stomach more solid foods 60-90 minutes before the race, this is preferable. Basically, energy gels are mostly simple sugars and you鈥檒l be consuming another 2 or 3 gels before the race is over. Even for the biggest sweet tooth this is a lot of sugar.