what to do the morning of a half marathon

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Give yourself plenty of time the morning of a half marathon to prep, check over, and fuel up. If you think you need an hour, give yourself and hour and a half. You will need time to dress, check over the integrity of all necessary gear, and fuel up with your race day breakfast.

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  • What are the best times to train for half marathons?

  • Try to train around the time of your race at least once per week to get your body accustomed to running in the morning hours. Morning half marathon race times vary from 5:30 a.m. to 10 a.m., depending on the location, season and whims of the race director.

  • What should I eat on the day of a half marathon?

  • What to eat on the day of a half marathon On the day of the half marathon, your nutritional intake is just as crucial as it鈥檚 been during the preparation for the event. Around one and a half to two hours prior to running the race it is advisable for you to eat a pre-run meal, ideally rich in protein and carbohydrate but relatively low in fats.

  • How can I relax before a half marathon or marathon?

  • Long distance training and races can really wear out your muscles, no matter how healthy or athletic you may be. A great way to relax the day before a half marathon or marathon is to take the time to stretch or indulge in a warm bath or hot tub session.

  • How much water should I drink before a half marathon?

  • Throughout your training, you should take in adequate hydration for your runs. The day prior to your race, hydrate with water as you would for any training. The morning of the run, drink about 16 ounces of water two or three hours prior to the start. This gives you time to empty your bladder and to absorb the water.