what percentage of the us population has run a marathon

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  • How many marathons are there in the US each year?

  • More than 30 thousand running events take place in the United States every year, including 5k, 10k and 8K/5 mile races as well as half-marathons and marathons. The World Marathon Majors is composed of six races hosted in six different cities; three of them are located in the U.S.

  • How many people run in the US each year?

  • In the United States alone, almost 60 million people participated in running, jogging and trail running in 2017. Walking for fitness drew more than 110 million participants in the U.S. in 2017. Improving their fitness is one of the main motivations for Americans to start running or jogging.

  • Which countries have the fastest marathon runners in the world?

  • France and the Czech Republic have the highest proportions of half-marathon runners in the world, compared to other distances, according to the IIRM. Switzerland has the fastest marathon runners in the world, with an average finish time of about 3 hours and 50 minutes, according to RunRepeat’s Marathon Statistics 2019 Worldwide report.

  • Are women more likely to have negative splits in marathon running?

  • After studying about 300,000 Chicago Marathon performances, professors Eric Allen and Patricia Dechow have concluded that women are more likely to achieve negative splits than men. Women often run the first half conservatively, run faster in the second half, speed up in the last 2 kilometers and finish strong. 3.