what many runners do before a marathon

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  • How long should you run the day before a marathon?

  • Some runners prefer to rest the day before a marathon, while others like to do an easy, 20-minute shake-out run to calm their nerves. If the weather is similar to what it will be on race day, it can be helpful to get a feel for it during that short run.

  • How do I prepare for a marathon or half marathon?

  • Prepare your race day fueling. One of the most neglected areas of preparation before a marathon or half marathon is fuel. After months of successfully fueling during training runs, many runners find that they have run out of supplies or simply forget to get things ready beforehand.

  • Is a 21-mile run too long for a marathon?

  • While there is no doubt that a 21-mile run (or longer) can be a great confidence booster, from a training standpoint, they don鈥檛 make too much sense. Here鈥檚 why: Most runners training for the marathon are averaging anywhere from 9 minutes to 12 minutes per mile on their long runs (3:45 to 5-hour finishing time).

  • Can I drink water the day before a half marathon?

  • Unfortunately, the day before a half marathon or marathon often involves a lot of travel and time spent away from your usual routine 鈥?making it harder to remember to hydrate. Bring a water bottle with you during your travels and try to consciously take sips throughout the day.