what county is marathon florida in

what county is marathon florida in插图

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Monroe County

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  • What is the history of Marathon Florida?

  • The City of Marathon incorporated in 1999, which set its boundaries, 鈥渇rom the East end of the Seven Mile Bridge approximately Mile Marker (MM) 47 to the West end of Toms Harbors Bridge, approximately MM 60. Being about 1 hour from Key West and Key Largo, Marathon is the Heart of the Florida Keys.

  • Where is Marathon Florida Keys?

  • Welcome to Marathon! Marathon is a 10-mile-long family-oriented island community conveniently situated in the middle of the Keys island chain, comprised mainly of Vaca Key, Fat Deer Key and Grassy Key.

  • What is the community United Methodist Church of Marathon?

  • Located in the Community United Methodist Church in Marathon, it is a creation of the churches in Marathon seeking to serve on a non-sectarian level without expecting a religious response. Marj Roberts has been the director since 2005. HOURS AND INFORMATION

  • What services does Florida Keys Marathon International Airport offer?

  • Florida Keys Marathon International Airport busily accommodates a full range of services for general aviation enthusiasts and corporate jet operators. Two full-service FBO’s offer fuel, maintenance, tie-down, pilot and passenger facilities.