should you run a half marathon before a full

should you run a half marathon before a full插图

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You鈥檙e last long run 鈥?which is about 10 miles for a half marathon and more than 15 for a full marathon 鈥?should be donethree weeksbefore a full marathon and 10 days before shorter races. This allows your body to recover fully and reap the fitness gains from the long-run training.

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  • How many miles should you run before a half marathon?

  • The First-Time Half Marathoners Plan on Runner鈥檚 World has you run 12 miles as your longest run before the race. As a certified running coach, I recommend 12 miles for new runners and up to 15 miles for experienced runners. So most of these training plans take you to 12 miles before the half marathon.

  • What is a good peak hard workout before a half marathon?

  • Ideally, your peak hard workout before a half marathon is either a long run, threshold run, or a combination of the two. An example of a peak hard workout for an intermediate to experienced half marathoner is 2-4 sets 2-mile repeats at goal pace (based on fitness level) built into a long run of 10-13 miles.

  • Is it hard to run a half marathon twice?

  • While going from a half marathon to marathon makes sense, that doesn鈥檛 mean it鈥檚 always easy. Making the transition from half to full marathon means you鈥檒l literally be doubling the distance. The challenge of running 13.1 miles becomes drastically more intense now that you鈥檙e training to run it twice.

  • Can I transition from half marathon training to marathon training?

  • The answer depends on a variety of factors, such as your fitness base, the quality of your half marathon training, and whether you鈥檙e training simply to finish the distance or hit a specific time goal. In general, you can view an immediate transition from half marathon to marathon training as if you鈥檝e just completed a 13 mile long run.