is boston marathon bomber still alive

The Marathon Clothing Flagship Store

The best and most authentic place to purchase The Marathon Clothing brand would be the flagship store itself. Though the store has had it’s ups and downs since the passing of Nipsey Hussle, it remains a city landmark, nestled almost unnoticeably inside a strip mall at the intersection of Slauson and Crenshaw.

Official The Marathon Clothing Online Store

If you live in a different state or don’t have the time to visit the official TMC store in Los Angeles, CA you can also buy authentic The Marathon Clothing via TMC’s official online store. The address for the official online store is

TMC Smart App

With the introduction of the The Marathon Clothing store, Nipsey decided to go the extra mile by making one of the first ever smart stores. Partnering with technology professionals, and using the latest innovative ideas, he created the TMC Smart App to give customers another way to purchase his brand name clothing and accessories.

The Marathon Clothing x Puma Collaborations

Before Nipsey passed, Nipsey was promoting upcoming collaborations with apparel giant Puma. Therefore, any collaboration you see Puma release with The Marathon Clothing is Nipsey Hussle approved and certified. The Marathon Clothing x Puma collaborations are released in-store at the official flagship store on Slauson and online at as well.

TeePublic (not official)

TeePublic is an online platform which holds many clothing designs featuring Nipsey Hussle. The company was founded in 2013 by Adam Schwartz and Josh Abramson, who had previously co-founded Vimeo and CollegeHumor. The company considers itself an advanced ecommerce crowdsourcing site where artists could upload and sell their designs.

Uhoodie (not official)

Uhoodie is more an underground name at the moment, but they certainly have some stuff if you are looking for some unique Nipsey Hussle clothing designs. It is a professional online retailer that sells 3D hoodies and sweatshirts.

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