is a half marathon impressive

Walking A Half Marathon – A Complete Guide

Half marathons are 13.1 miles in length, and most reasonably fit individuals should be able to walk this distance in about four hours or so. Walking a half marathon in that amount of time is a fun and achievable goal for many individuals.

How Long Does It Take To Walk A Half Marathon?

You have likely wondered, “ how long does it take to walk a half marathon?”. While the average is 3-4 hours, the real answer is not as simple. For example, the runners participating in half marathon will have various finish times.

Training To Walk A Half Marathon

Training to walk a half marathon is challenging but achievable for most. Most training programs begin relatively easily for the majority of marathoners. Spending thirty minutes each day walking during your first week should suffice. As your training to walk a half marathon, the amount of time and the speed at which you walk will increase.

Couch To Half Marathon Walking Plan

A couch to half marathon walking plan is exactly how it sounds. Even if you have been in a rut regarding your fitness and productivity, you can realistically achieve your goal of walking a half marathon. These types of training plans help those who have little to absolutely no experience.

Walking Schedule For Half Marathon

There are plenty of different walking schedules for half marathons. Many of them seek to achieve the same goal – walking an entire half marathon through a gradual and flexible training program. Here is a simple and straightforward walking schedule for half marathons that you can use to get yourself ready!

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