is a half marathon a big deal

How long should I walk 3 miles?

Before you start doing any type of training you need to assess how long it takes you to walk 3 miles at a moderate walking pace. 20 minutes a mile / 12:25 minutes a kilometer is an extremely easy walking pace. If you walk your 3 miles and find that there is no way you can walk at 20 minutes a mile / 12:25 minutes a kilometer you need to put on the brakes and take a couple of steps back. 20 minutes a mile / 12:25 minutes a kilometer is not even the bare minimum average pace to keep for a four-hour half marathon – 18:18 minutes a mile / 11:22 minutes a kilometer is.

What happens when you walk briskly?

So when you’re brisk walking you’re going to be leaning slightly forward and your arms will naturally swing much faster to propel you forward. When you’re casually walking your spine tends to be straight up and down and your arms are in a natural slower swinging motion.

What is the cutoff time for a half marathon?

If a half marathon has a 3-hour cutoff time then they are blatantly telling you that walkers really aren’t welcome.

How many miles can you run in a half marathon?

A runner can’t say that they ran 3 miles if they only ran 1.5 miles.

How many minutes can I walk a mile?

Even if you can walk 1 mile at or below 18:18 minutes a mile (11:22 minutes a kilometer) you still need to look at your current total volume of miles walked per week.

How many tasks can I complete with one run?

You will have completed two tasks with one run: 1) finished a half marathon race and 2) completed a long run in your marathon training schedule. For a full post on transitioning from a half marathon to a marathon race check out: From Half To Full: 10 Ways To Transition To A Full Marathon.

How long does it take to finish a race?

If you fall short of the distance then your pace is greater and you wouldn’t be able to finish the race within the timeframe of 4 hours. If you go past the distance of 1 mile/1 km then you should be able to finish the race with a time frame of 4 hours.

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