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What is the best liquid skin protectant?

Want to learn more about Marathon® Liquid Skin Protectant? Here are a few good articles: 1 A Review of Cyanoacrylate Liquid Skin Protectant and Its Efficacy on Pedal Fissures 2 Health economic benefits of cyanoacrylate skin protectants in the management of superficial skin lesions 3 Evaluation of a cyanoacrylate protectant to manage peristomal skin irritation under ostomy skin barrier wafers

How to apply Marathon liquid?

Practical applications for Marathon® Liquid Skin Protectant include: 1 Friction – Apply to areas where skin is subject to breakdown (bony prominences, distal tips of toes, heel and heel fissures, etc.). 2 Maceration – Apply to periwound area or under negative pressure therapy devices. 3 Closed Wounds or Skin Tears – Apply to areas that have recently closed and are at risk for reopening such as pressure ulcers. 4 Moisture Loss – Apply to superficial abrasions or blisters or other areas where moisture and epidermis are compromised.

How many cm does Marathon cover?

Marathon® comes in single use applicator tubes that have a built-in sponge tip. Each tube contains enough liquid skin protectant to cover an area of 10cm 2. The barrier film created is breathable, flexible and durable relative to other liquid skin products.

What’s new in WoundSource 2019?

By Miranda J. Henry, Editorial Director of WoundSource. This updated edition of WoundSource provides a glimpse of the continuing evolution of the field of wound care.

How long does Marathon last?

Marathon® is applied as a liquid and dries in around a minute, creating a breathable and flexible film that lasts 24 to 72 hours (shorter if in a high-friction/high-moisture area, longer if applied to a less active area) and wears off naturally.

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