is 5k a marathon

Why is there no evaporation of a solvent?

Because no solvents are used , there is no evaporation and 100% of the product remains on the skin.

What is Marathon used for?

Creates a strong physical barrier against abrasive forces. Also recommended for damaged skin to protect against further breakdown. Marathon should be used on at-risk areas such as the sacrum, buttocks and groin area.

How does Marathon work?

Marathon reacts with the moisture and skin surface to create a strong film that is thicker and more durable than most liquid skin protectants and stays on the skin until the dead cells shed off naturally . Marathon Skin Protectant bonds to the skin surface and integrates with the epidermis as the cyanoacrylate polymerizes at …

Where to use Marathon?

Marathon should be used on at-risk areas such as the sacrum, buttocks and groin area. Healed wounds never attain the same breaking strength (the tension at which skin breaks) as uninjured skin. Applying Marathon to the skin once it has closed should help protect it and maintain integrity.

Does Marathon Cavilon protect against corrosive fluids?

Non-stinging, contains no solvents or activators. Marathon shows greater protective capabilities than 3M Cavilon against corrosive fluids (synthetic urine) and wash-off. Minimizes friction and reduces the risk of developing skin tears.

How to squeeze a tube?

Do not try to bend or snap the tube in half. Turn the applicator upside down and gently squeeze it to allow the liquid to soak through the sponge tip.

How does monomer bonding work?

This reaction continues until 100% of the monomer molecules have joined either to each other (cohesion) or to molecules of substances present in skin (adhesion). This type of bonding with skin ensures that the product remains in place until the epidermal cells naturally slough away, maintaining skin integrity.

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