is 10k a marathon

How to warm up for a run?

A good warm-up routine helps you by: 1 Activating the muscles in your body and prepping them for your run. 2 Improves circulation within the body. This means that oxygen and other important nutrients are being transferred more efficiently. 3 The joints of the body become better prepared to successfully complete the run. 4 The muscles are warmed up. This gives you better stamina and allows you to run longer. 5 Avoid cramps, pain, or running injuries like shin splints.

Why is it important to warm up for running?

A good warm-up helps the body get ready for a workout. It activates the muscles and helps you run faster and for longer. Without warming up, your muscles will be turned off. This is normal, especially for people who go on runs either in the morning or after work.

Is it bad to go out on a run?

Going out on a run can be risky if you haven’t effectively warmed up. Warming up has a crucial role to play in how well your body will perform during your run. If you don’t effectively warm-up, you could feel more tired or your muscles could start to cramp within the first mile of your run. Follow our warm-up routine below and avoid these five training mistakes to keep everything running smoothly.

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