is 10k a marathon

Is It Harder To Walk A Half Marathon Than Running?

On the surface it might look like walking is harder than running because you have never walked for more than 4 hours. And if you are on your feet for that long, surely it must be harder than running because running requires much less time because you are covering your distance much faster.

Check The Race Before You Start Walking A Half Marathon

This is important because every race is different with different cutoff times. Most marathon races are strictly timed off and if you fall behind the slowest pace you will be picked up by a sweeper car.

Can You Walk A Half Marathon In 3 Hours?

It is certainly possible but only a small percentage of marathon walkers can do that. My reasoning behind that is that the slowest runners can jog at a pace of 13 minutes/1.5km. And a half marathon is 22kms. So for the slowest jogger running at 13 minutes/1.5km, it would take them 3 hours and 17 minutes.

How Do I Assess My Physical Fitness?

Before deciding how hard you need to train to prepare for this half marathon, you need to assess your current level of fitness. You should start with assessing how long it takes for you to walk 1 kilometer. 12:25 minutes per kilometer is an extremely easy walking pace.

Setting Time Aside For Training

Now that you know your current level of fitness, you know what your training will look like for the next couple of weeks.

Can You Walk A Half Marathon In 3.0 Hours?

To finish a half marathon in 3 hours, you will need to walk at an average pace of 8:31 minutes per kilometer. Some slow paced runners like me can jog at around that pace. So unless you will be brisk walking the entire time, I recommend you do not aim for this pace.

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