How Your Phone Gets Hot

You’ve been using your phone for a while and it’s just now starting to get warm. What caused the temperature change? Is there something you can do to prevent it from getting warmer? This post will answer these questions.
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1 ) The processor will be a huge heat electrical generator
The?mobile phone processor?is a highly integrated SOC chip. That not only combines the CPU key processing chip in addition to the GPU images processing chip, but also a series regarding key chip segments such as Bluetooth, GPS, and radio stations frequency. When these types of chips and modules operate at high-speed will emit lots of heat.
2. The phone gets hot any time charging
During the particular charging process, the power circuit provides a resistance operating when it is running, plus the level of resistance and the current compete with each and every other.
3. The particular battery becomes hot when recharging
Tip: It is best never to use the particular mobile phone to make calls, play video games, or watch video clips when charging. This particular will cause typically the voltage to become unstable and generate even more heat, that may likewise consume battery life for a long moment. In some says, this behavior will also Increases the possibility of battery surge.
4. So , when the phone will not heat up, it must be within a normal state?
In fact , this is not the case. Provided that the mobile cell phone heats below the normal temperature, typically 60 degrees, this is normal. If it is not hot, you must worry about this. Friends should remember that having less warmth does not mean the mobile phone is not warm. It is really likely there is a new lack of heat-dissipating graphite patches or even poor thermal conductivity. The heat is accumulated inside and are unable to be dissipated. Within fact, it will cause certain destruction to the cellular phone..


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  1. I was playing a game on my phone when it started getting really hot. I thought that maybe I should stop playing and let the phone cool down, but then I heard a pop and noticed that the back of my phone was about to fall off.

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