how to train for a marathon

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The ideal full marathon training plan should have:Three runs per weekTwo cross-training days (biking,swimming,hiking)Two rest daysThe running should be a combination of a short/fast run,a medium run,and a long runChoose your days as you prefer,but make sure you have a day of rest on either side of the long run

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  • What is the best marathon training plan for me?

  • Marathon training plans differ and there is no consensus on which marathon training plan is the best. However there are some key attributes to consider. Length: You will need more time to adjust to the training load if the plan is longer. A longer training plan also requires a greater time commitment and focus.

  • How long should I train for a half marathon?

  • This is your primary endurance-building workout that gets progressively longer and closer to the 26.2 mile distance. Most training plans start with a long run of 6-8 miles and work up to 20 miles once or twice before race day.

  • How do you train for an ultramarathon?

  • That said, training for an ultramarathon requires more than just increasing your time on your feet; like marathoners, ultramarathoners should still do workouts as a part of their training. Ultramarathon workouts should include some of the high-intensity efforts one would use to train for a variety of distances鈥攆rom a 5k up to a marathon.

  • What is the best way to train for a sub 3 hour marathon?

  • A free, advanced training plan for runners aiming for a sub-3:30 marathon. You鈥檒l need to be pretty used to running several times a week, as this plan builds up from 44 to 60 miles, training over 6-7 days. A 5:00 hour marathon is approximately 11:30 per mile though a target pace training of 11:00 per mile (4:48) could be beneficial.