how to train for a half marathon for beginners

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This 12-week training schedule is perfect for a beginner runner and a first-time half-marathoner. To start this plan, you should have been running for at least two months and should have a base mileage of about eight to 10 miles per week. If you prefer a run/walk program, try a run/walk half-marathon training schedule.

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  • What is the best half marathon training plan for beginners?

  • Choose a beginners training plan that isn鈥檛 over-complicated. Look for these 4 things in any good half marathon training for beginners: Long Runs (1 per week) Cross Training days (at least 1 per week) (read all about cross training for runners here) Easy/Recovery Runs (1-2 per week) Rest Day or Days (at least 1 per week)

  • How long does it take to train to run a marathon?

  • If you鈥檙e in a healthy condition, you can go from couch potato to marathon with about 6 months of training. However, it鈥檚 important to transition in baby steps. Begin with 5 km, then move to 10 km, and slowly progress towards a half marathon before you tackle the full marathon distance.

  • Is the Half Marathon the perfect race?

  • If you ask me, the half marathon is the perfect race. Thirteen point one miles is a tough enough distance that takes commitment and training, but is accessible enough that anyone can do it鈥攚ith the right plan!鈥攚ithout training taking over your entire life.

  • What should I wear to a half marathon?

  • Get good sweat-wicking running socks and a race outfit. Wear your gear on your long training days so you know that it works for you. While you can do some of your training on a treadmill, it’s best to do you long training days, at least, outdoors in similar conditions to race day.