how many miles is an ultra marathon

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26.2 miles

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  • What is the standard distance for an ultra marathon?

  • The standard definition is anything past the marathon, or 26.2 miles. However, the shortest standard distance that is considered an ultra is the 50 kilometer distance, or 31.07 miles. Other standard distances are the 50 mile, 100 mile, 100 km, and a series of events that last for specified time periods such as 6 hour, 12 hour,…

  • Is a 50k an ultramarathon?

  • Yes, a 50k race is an ultramarathon. The distance is longer than a marathon, although just by a few miles. You can ask yourself if it is a marathon with a few miles added on or is it indeed an ultra? To me, the answer is clear, it is an ultra. Another 8k after already having run 42k is good enough for me.

  • What is an ultra-marathon runner?

  • So-called 鈥渦ltra-marathon runners鈥?contest races from 35 miles (56km) to 100 miles (160km)鈥攁nd occasionally further鈥攊n a single stage.

  • How fast are Ultrarunners running?

  • Most numbers seem to point up in the study, except for the average pace we see in races longer than 26.2. On average, ultrarunners are moving at about at 13:16-per-mile pace. That鈥檚 1:41 per mile more than in 1996 when the average pace was 11:35. This is likely because of the increase in amateur participation.