how long does a half marathon take

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Run 1 mile while being able to sing out loud or hold a conversational pace. Multiply your pace for 1 mile by 14. This will give you a half marathon predicted pace in minutes then divide by 60 minutes to get your finish time. Predicted half marathon finish time: 14 *9.5 minutes = 2 hours 13 minutes

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  • What is the average half marathon time?

  • The average half marathon time is between 2:03:21 and 2:10:32, which means that the average running pace is between 9:25 and 9:57 minutes per mile. Multiple factors, like age, sex, ability level, experience, weather, terrain, will affect your half marathon time.

  • How long does it take to train for a full marathon?

  • If you鈥檝e recently completed your first half marathon and you鈥檙e considering a full marathon race, it鈥檚 going to take you roughly another 8 weeks to be able to run the full marathon, at a minimum. I ran my first half marathon race and then immediately started training for my first marathon race which was 12 weeks later.

  • How do I predict my Half Marathon finish time?

  • To determine what your current predicted half marathon finish time is, you鈥檒l need to assess your current physical fitness level. The best way to assess your current fitness is by using your past race times as benchmarks to predict your half marathon finish time.

  • Can I run a half marathon at my 5K race pace?

  • You simply can鈥檛 run a first half marathon at your 5K race pace. Knowing this you should try to at least use the 5K finish time at a minimum as a good half marathon pace predictor. Remember that these are mere predictions and nothing more. Simple target goals to aim for so that you can cross the half marathon finish line at your best pace.