how long do you need to train for a marathon

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However, in general most marathon training plans last between16 to 20 weeks. This seems to be the sweet spot in allowing your body to really adapt to your training, build endurance, speed, and strength while staying healthy and avoiding injury.

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  • How many days a week should I train for a marathon?

  • The ideal full marathon training plan should have: Three runs per week. Two cross-training days (biking, swimming, hiking) Two rest days. The running should be a combination of a short/fast run, a medium run, and a long run.

  • How to transition from Half Marathon to full marathon training?

  • Transitioning from the Half to Full Marathon: What You Need to Know for Beginner Marathon Training Focus Less On Pace Break Up the Training Plan Test Out One the Run Fuel Don鈥檛 Neglect Long Runs Try Sharing the Experience Remember It鈥檚 a Journey Road to a PR Series

  • Can you train for a marathon on the trails?

  • Good news: You can use the exact same training plan as you would for a road marathon, with the caveat that your long run should definitely be on the trails, says Jes Woods, a Nike Run Club Coach in New York City and ultrarunner. 鈥淵ou should try and hit the trails as much as you can, but at least once a week,鈥?she says.

  • What should you do after you sign up for a marathon?

  • The first thing you do after signing up for a marathon (besides question your sanity) is find a training plan. And when you pick your training plan, the only thing scarier than knowing you鈥檒l run 26.2 at the end of it is realizing that you鈥檒l have to run nearly that far at least once before race day. Yikes.